FOX1’s Life

This page will have every details of FOX1’s life, when its manufacture, where its located, who owned FOX1 from USA to Australian and what have she done in its life times frame ….

If you know further or missing information, e.g. who was owned FOX1 with when, located and what have done etc, please email me. Thanks.

Fox 1 before paint and my mate who picked Fox 1 up from the set after filming.

Hi Jason and Dominic, My husband and I purchased the dodge from Kevin Monk in 1994 and sold it in early 2000’s. When the gentleman from QLD purchased the car from us, he was not interested in the big wheels but preferred the 15×10’s put on the car for registration purposes. So my husband has had the wheels with him for nearly 20 years. Attached is a photo of the 15×12 centre lines that were on the car when the movie was made. He has decided to sell them and would like to know if you are interested in purchasing them before they are put on the open market, as we would love to see them back on the car. Looking forward to your response.

Kind Regards Mark and Kai Hemingway


Then the originally Rear Centreline Wheel had been arrieved – see the photo.

History of the Owner Name and its Date

Under contruction ….

  • 1994 February : Mark and Kai Hemingway
    •  We saw the Fox at the All American Day in 1994 where it was for sale. At the time we were living in Badgerys Creek sharing a house with Val and Pip who still own the 57 Chev from the movie. We purchased it in February 1994 from Kevin Monk Junior where he was living in a suburb of Northern Sydney. We then sold the Fox to Rod Ogborne from Brisbane approximately 6 years later.  I can’t recall the exact sell time period.  I believe Rod Ogborne then sold the car some time later to a person from Western Australia.Mark and Kai
  • Rod Ogborne
    • Owned it from 1998 to 2001. He got it to the condition it is now and appered in Street Machine and went to Summernats, Canberra 3 times.
  • Pep Schiano – 15 years owned from 2001 to 2017 
  • 2017 to Currently : Jason Turner